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Ruger Ships 1st Marlin Rifles From Their Mayodan, NC Factory

DECEMBER 20, 2021

Ruger Ships 1st Marlin Rifles From Their Mayodan, NC Factory


MAYODAN, NC., Dec. 20, 2021 -- Sturm Ruger & Co. ships their 1st production Marlin rifles today, the model 1895 SBL in 45-70 Govt.

As promised earlier this year by Rugers CEO, Mr. Killoy, the Mayodan, North Carolina facility has shipped their first production Marlin rifles to dealers. The factory had previously shipped Test & Evaluation models to industry professionals for use & feedback.

This has been the result of thousands of hours of receiving used machinery and evaluating useability & what preventative maintenance was needed to be performed, inspecting and updating the Technical Data Package (drawings/specifications/processes) to reflect as-built or as-required for production purposes. The later will be an ongoing effort as each new model is rolled out for production.

The model 1895 SBL of course is a stainless steel model which inherently requires special handling and delicate polishing & buffing to a fine surface finish. Ruger is very practiced on the finishing requirements of stainless steel from their history with stainless handguns.

Each new Marlin receives the Ruger rifling which is a change from the Micro-Groove or the Ballard rifling found on all previously built Marlin rifles. The feedback from industry professionals has been very impressive with multiple five shot groups easily within a 1.0" grouping at 100 yards. While types of ammunition, bullet weight & type are widely available for the 45-70 Govt. some of the immediate feedback included results from firing the Horandy FTX ammunition. As hand loaders know, bullet weights, diameters, and composition along with powder types and loads will allow for fine tuning. It's anticipated that in 2022, multiple ammunition manufacturers will add additional 45-70 cartridge choices to the already popular lineup.

Regarding the Marlin serialization, each rifle will ship with an RM prefix designating Ruger Made and the serial number. These numbers will no longer be date coded as seen in all pre 2011 Marlin production. Rather, an owner can input their serial number into Rugers online tool to find out when built. The familiar Ruger warning label is also found on each rifle just below the "where Made" information.

Additional information on which rifles are next is as follows. The 1895 GBL is next for deliveries most likely followed by the model 336. While the model 1894 is scheduled to be released shortly, the technical data package needs additional tweaking to provide producability improvements for individual components. The 1894 is the most complex of all the Marlin centerfire rifles regarding fit & function. We will all be waiting anxiously for their release. I know there are so many individuals around the world that want a .357 model for economy and less recoil.


For the Ruger Press Release click here

For more details on the 1895 SBL click here.

To read the specifications click here.

To read the User Manual click here.

Scott Crawford


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