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Almost every firearms company in America and many around the globe have made a lever gun at one time or another. Some were wildly successful, many were not. All were innovative in their own way. We have tried to capture each of these throughout history up to today’s modern variants that don’t look like your grandad’s lever gun.

The Gun Room

The Gun Room is just that. A place where you can come to look at and read about nearly every lever gun ever made in the United States and beyond. While this is a relatively new section of the website we’re proud to say that we have made great headway on building the library. There is more work to complete however we are well on our way. Stick around, come back often as we are continually adding more content here. Our goal is to make this the most comprehensive resource regarding the lever gun anywhere online.


We have done our best to bring you hi-quality photos of these lever guns which in itself can be difficult with many of the older models throughout history. If you become aware of a better photo for a particular model, we would appreciate you contacting us with the details.

Bullet Points Articles

The library consists of articles related to hand loading, some lever gun history and ballistic information comparisons. As time allows more articles will be added to provide relevant information for lever gun owners, collectors and buyers. This is an area of the community where we would be pleased to consider publishing an article of yours if it relates to the lever gun, hand loading or the shooting/hunting discipline. For inquires send an email to info@1895gunner.com.

The Knowledge Center

Just like it sounds like, this is where everyone comes to learn about their lever gun from exploded schematics to manufacturing build dates, tear down instructions and much more. Marlin Firearms are listed initially although we intend to load reference data for every lever gun if possible. If you have a special request be sure to let us know.

Beyond OEM information we have also linked a supplier database for bullet manufacturers, Lever gun gunsmith specialists and aftermarket add on suppliers of retrofit equipment to upgrade that special lever gun of yours. We also have listed some top notch lever gun leather specialists that can help you fully dress out that lever gun.

Load Data

The load data on this website is related to lever gun cartridges as is everything else we do here so if you’re after a good load for your lever gun you’ve come to the right place. If you know of a particular load we’re missing, feel free to contact us with the details and we’ll add it to the site. As always, when hand loading, compare our data to other published data to make sure no typos have been made.

From The Field

This is a section where we are inviting you to participate in sharing content. If you have photos from a special hunt we’d like to consider posting them and a short write-up describing it. For inquires send an email to info@1895gunner.com.

Industry News

This section reports on “all things” related to the shooting industry including target shooting, hunting, competitions, manufacturer’s updates, new model releases and on & on. The whole point here is to share information that you might have missed otherwise.

Partners & Friends

We are extremely pleased to be associated with our partners and they continue to support 1895Gunner.com. They help to keep the 1895Gunner website up and running. We appreciate you visiting their websites & social media sites to show your support of what they do. Besides supporting 1895Gunner, they are major league players in the firearms industry.

Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to provide a website that will be informative and entertaining and it is our desire to provide the lever gun fan with quality information. Information that you will share with other lever gun fans and on & on!

So grab a cup of coffee and settle in as you enter “The Ultimate Community for Lever Action Owners”. Please come back often and let your friends know about the site.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on all that we do.



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