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Do you believe in prepping now? (Social Distancing on Steroids)

by Scott Crawford - April 8, 2020

Real Life Scenario, Rate Your Prep!

Whether you’re sitting on easy street right now or stressing about employment/money, family, food, medicines or ammo stores; this pandemic has touched everyone around the world. I decided to write this article to better explore the subject of prepping versus social dependency that is practiced by the majority of society.

My wife & I are both retired living off a pension and savings with the standard house payment, car payment, expensive medical insurance and an ever rising cost of living. So we are average Americans living about 50 miles from a major metro center. We’re not rich, wealthy or high rollers! We live on a fixed income like 97% of America. Some would call that paycheck to paycheck. There, you have it – the background that makes us a lot like you.

Georgia Covid19 map 4/8/2020

We’re not hard core preppers by a long shot however we do pay attention to world events & react accordingly. We’ve been shut in our home for the last four weeks. This pandemic has already taken a terrible toll across America & the rest of the world however as I type this the Surgeon General of the United States said this week begins an even worse time moving forward. We have two adult children, one who lost a management job when restaurants closed & the other when their business was closed down by the Governor for shelter in place. So of course we’re very concerned with their situations.

We are all pretty much in the same mess with a few differences. Some are “essential” workers who must still travel for work and others own their own business and are trying to keep it viable through this slowdown. The rest are either working from home or recently unemployed – none the less, at home.

The Oakland Municipal Auditorium in use as a temporary hospital during the 1918 flu pandemic via Wikimedia Commons

So we’re all sitting around the homestead trying to “survive” with lots on our minds. As I mentioned above as long as we currently have our health, our mind wanders through the following items in no particular order.
  1. Income (employment, pensions, Social Security)
  2. Shelter (house payment or rent payment)
  3. Sustenance (food & water)
  4. Medical (medications or pending medical procedures)
  5. Personal Protection (guns, ammo, other devices)
  6. The Virus (Last but not least of our worries)

When did you first react to this pandemic or have you at all? We were watching the news on this daily however around the 24th of February we decided to take action when the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said it was heading towards a Pandemic. We like our weekly outings and were mulling over maybe going out one more week when we both looked at each other and said, no. Let’s stay in starting this week. So we developed a shopping list, we took inventory of our backup pantry dry goods and our freezers.

We also inventoried health products such as soaps, shampoo, etc. and then medicines both prescription & over the counter. We also looked at things such as garbage bags, laundry detergent, pet food, cat litter and I must say we were very thorough. To this day the only thing we really didn’t think of that has come to light since is that we didn’t have any spare HVAC filters which ours was in desperate need of changing. Since then resolved with online shopping!

So with list in hand (actually on our iPhones) we headed out shopping. We hit four stores that day buying everything on our list except the big box store items which we finished the next day. We noted that the stores were not busy and that it seemed like business as usual for most others.

Cat litter & some water storage

We feel that if our pension checks keep coming & power & water and we hope internet stay functioning, we’re good. We have plenty of “personal protection”, plenty of supplies and our health is currently ok.

The business corner of the Gun Room

This article isn’t about off-grid or end of times survival. However in a society like ours today, many are already in a bad spot. Those without any income, health insurance, now lack of food & possibly shelter. We feel fortunate to be in the shape we currently find ourselves however we also recognize that we are only one unplanned event away from disaster. If the supply chain for grocery and pharmacy dries up or our pension fund goes under, things become very dicey.

I can hunt and fish along with gardening for sustenance for a long period of time. Guns & ammo won’t run out. Water supply would be a lot of work having to haul it from a couple hundred yards away. And how to pull all of this off without neighbors wanting for our supplies. Things I’d rather not consider at my age however one can never forget that things can happen and very quickly.

Who could have thought that just three months ago we were just hearing about this outbreak in China and now just today we passed 400,000 infected plus over 12k deaths in the United States. I wrote this article to make you think about what shape you are in and what might you need to consider before you find yourself in a worse situation.

If you’re reading this you probably have already considered where you fit in this crazy time. Please take this situation seriously and stay home if you can to better protect the front line folks in this pandemic. However please do what you can to ready yourself & your loved ones for worse times as this will likely drag out off & on for an extended time.

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