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Conservation, from decades of old to today's new faces....

by Scott Crawford - March 24, 2020

John James Audubon

Did you know that hunting & conservation go hand in hand? I consider myself a conservationist and I feel like I’m in some great company. I’ll not go as far to say that I’m in the same league as the following famous folks but it feels good being mentioned in the same article!

Theodore Roosevelt

The famous. John James Audubon, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Darwin, Lewis and Clark, Jimmy Carter, Ernest Hemingway, Aldo Leopoldo & Daniel Boone. From painting, science, sport, sustenance, & environmental love these nine supported conservation either by accident or specific actions.

Charles Darwin Research Center

Although Audubon was known for paintings of birds, did you know he hunted each species that he painted? Theodore Roosevelt of course maybe the most famous was known for his North American hunting and a few trips to Africa. Darwin also hunted his specimens & loved sport shooting birds. Lewis & Clark hunted for sustenance on their exploration of the North American continent. President Carter loved to hunt & fish and was and is still a champion of environmental issues. Hemingway, a writer loved hunting & fishing and was known for his marine wildlife conservation. Leopoldo was one of the originating founders of modern environmental ethics and the movement for wilderness conservation. Daniel Boone was famous for his adventures and was hugely supportive of leaving forest wild for the animals to thrive.

Lewis & Clark

I don’t do taxidermy nor do I paint wild specimens however I do hunt & fish consuming that which I take. I make sure to follow local & federal laws concerning both activities and I support each by the fees I spend on licenses/tags. I believe in leaving the land the same or in better shape than which I found it and I support setting land aside or keeping so designated land for wildlife. Now does that make me a conservationist? You bet it does. Since the 1900’s hunters & anglers have supported programs that maintain species population and protect habitat for wildlife. We do that through license fees and or specialty groups that we may join.

President Jimmy Carter

Aldo Leopoldo

Daniel Boone

I’m a public land hunter, have been for thirty-five years. I've hunted New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida & Georgia. I believe in and support these public lands that have been set aside for the purpose of wildlife management. I’m thankful that I live in a state that has such wonderful tracks of land set aside all around the state providing great diversity in fish & animals.

At the onset of this article I named nine men, most no longer breathing but they were men none the less. Today there are almost as many well know woman hunters, anglers & industry leaders driving a trend that is critical to the survival of those of us that carry firearms in the field and rods on the water. The growing numbers of woman involved in these sports are important drawing more potential members by example.

I’ll mention a few that have a large social media following or running their own companies although there are many more that I don’t have time or space to cover in this article. Each covering hunting, conservation, philanthropy & adventure. Easy to see why they have a great following.

Eva, Tim & Leni Brent

Eva Shockey Brent (547k followers on Instagram) Eva has co-hosted “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” on Outdoor Channel for the last decade, alongside her father, Jim. Eva also has appeared on ABC’s Nightline and the Fox Business Network as the “new face of hunting” and was featured alongside country music sensation Miranda Lambert in an award-winning Ram Trucks commercial. Eva became the second woman to ever grace the cover of Field & Stream magazine

Britt Longoria Doing What she Does!

Britt Hosmer Longoria (25k followers on Instagram) has harvested 31 species of game birds and waterfowl, over 145 individual species of big game, and hunted successfully on six continents over the last 25+ years. Originally with her father, Joe Hosmer, and now with her husband, Ricardo Longoria, they hunt throughout the world. She hunts extensively with a crossbow, rifle, and shotgun.

Melissa & Husband Ben Bearshield

Melissa Bachman Bearshield (84k followers on Instagram) set her sights on a career in outdoor TV. She began as an intern and was soon offered a position as a full-time producer, where she traveled the country, producing shows with a variety of incredible hunters on some fantastic adventures. In addition, Melissa spent every spare moment of her free time arduously filming and editing her own hunts. Now she spends nearly 250 days a year in the field, hunting around the globe and producing her series, “Winchester Deadly Passion.

Ginger in the Field Where She is Often Found

Ginger Chandler A pillar in the firearms industry since 2008 & with the biggest names in the industry, Ginger founded Go Gear Direct in 2017 to drive firearms product development even further. Born from a passion for hunting and shooting and a realization that access to innovation was limited, Ginger is dedicated to connecting superior products and performance to those who demand nothing less.

If you're reading this article I'm assuming you hunt or fish and even if you don't, you care about our wildlife. Conservation matters, it needs your support so please join me and millions of others as we pitch in with our time & money. Find an organization and sign up. You'd be surprised how much we can accomplish together.

President Jimmy Carter Eva Shockey Brent Britt Longoria Melissa Bachman Bearshield Ginger Chandler

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