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RPNB Large Weatherproof Tactical Case

Review of the RPNB Large Weatherproof Tactical Case

by Scott Crawford - September 11 2022


This recent addition makes my 1st "quality" hard case for firearms. I've bought and used much cheaper models by other manufacturers and always regretted those purchases at the end of the day.

RPNB Large Weatherproof Tactical Case
Keeping two of my favorites rifles protected and at the ready for travel

Over the years I've typically used one of many soft cases or "Gun Slips" of mine for my firearms when headed into the field or to the range. That was true for many years while I experimented with several cheaper brands of long gun hard cases. At the end of the day I was always disappointed in these cheaper units, they just didn't perform well and all eventually failed to protect my firearms to my satisfaction. All of that changed here recently after receiving the RPNB Large Hard Case. I believe I'm a convert from soft cases to hard cases for the majority of what I use cases for now.

I don't mishandle my rifles by any means when traveling however I'm now stepping up my security and protection. I don't just "throw" a rifle in the back seat of my truck to head to the range or hunting trip, I always make sure they are well protected. That being said, with this new hard case I now know that whatever is sealed inside, will arrive safe & sound and in good working order.

RPNB Large Weatherproof Tactical Case
Easily holds one scoped rifle plus one without a scope

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Well, let's jump into the actual review of this Large Tactical Hard Case by RPNB for $159.99.

Right out of the box I noticed the heavy duty hinges, latches and roller wheels. The case itself isn't lightweight yet not too heavy for everyday use. It comes in at 18.74 pounds empty instantly letting me know that it is better built than the other brands I'd purchased previously.

The case is very good looking with excellent exterior finish and quality control of every detail from the latches to the RPNB label. When opening the case the same goes for the interior. The case seals well against weather & dust and the foam is quality egg crate on top and solid foam bottom with pick and pull in between. The case comes with a built-in purge valve which equalizes pressure so you can open the case after changing elevations.

RPNB Large Gun Case Wheels
RPNB Large Gun Case Handles

RPNB Large Hard Case for Rifles

I have been carrying some very nice rifles to the range for "Test & Evaluation" for several companies to include the new Ruger built Marlin lever action rifles, the Rossi model R92's and the Davide Pedersoli "BoarBuster". I didn't want to risk damaging any of these carrying in soft cases so they have been upgraded to this RPNB hard case. I haven't modified the pick and place foam to customize as many configurations will get carried in this case. The case seals so well with these four heavy duty latches that I can put two unscoped expensive rifles in this case and know that they will be held firmly in-place as the case is transported.

One feature that I certainly appreciated was the roller wheels on the case. With two lever action rifles inside plus the weight of the case I'm transporting right at 35 pounds and being able to roll this for any distance is really nice. I don't know about you however I'm never carrying just the case. I've probably got a heavy range bag plus other goodies so yes, two wheels are a blessing.

Another industry standard included on this case are the two lock locations (one on each end) to provide superior storage safety. Although primarily for using two padlocks I use one on one end and a cable lock on the other end while traveling in my truck. This allows me to feel more comfortable if I need to step into a store while traveling. The cable lock gets installed around the rear seat support frame.

Over all I would give this case an excellent rating. It is in use with military, law enforcement, and hunters worldwide. It's Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof providing everything you would expect in a quality hard case. I will likely buy at least one more of these cases to ease safe transportation of rifles to the range. Great overall quality for the price! After spending some extensive time with the case I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If it's in my Gun Room, you can expect it performs.

Technical Specifications of the RPNB Large Weatherproof Tactical Case
  • Item Weight : 18.74LBS
  • Exterior Dimensions : 44.65"×16.42"×6.14" (H x W x D)
  • Interior Dimensions : 41.97"x13.5"x5.47" (H x W x D)

  • IP65 Rated- watertight and dustproof
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve equalizes pressure for easy opening
  • Pre-drilled for two padlocks (locks sold separately)
  • Pick-and-pull foam insert for impact-absorbing protection
  • Four easy open pull-button latches
  • Rolling case with two strong wheels

RPNB Safes Ruger Firearms Rossi Firearms Davide Pedersoli

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