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1st Marlin Rifle to come off the new Ruger Line - 336 Stainless 30-30?

Could this be the first Marlin off the new Ruger line?


Rumors are flying about the first Ruger-Built Marlin Rifle

"A stainless model 336 30-30"
by Scott Crawford - June 23, 2021

Breaking news, maybe..... I was fortunate enough to speak with an industry insider yesterday who will remain nameless for the purposes, of well - protection of the innocent?

Reportedly, the most recent talk about what's rolling off the Mayodan, NC plant first will be a stainless model of the 336 in 30-30 Winchester. I've always found the stainless models with a nice American Black Walnut stock very attractive and a perfect fit for rainy/snowy days in the field.

The Marlin 336 LineUp

The Possible Marlin 336 Lineup

Why not? The .30-30 is considered to be the "entry-class" for modern big-game hunting cartridges, and it is common to define the characteristics of cartridges with similar ballistics as being in ".30-30 class" when describing their trajectory. More deer have been taken with the 30-30 than any other cartridge. With that fact well known, why wouldn't Marlin bring this model back first? It's a tradition that is hard to argue with, shouldering a thirty-thirty while walking the fields and timber each fall & winter.

Owners Manual

The Marlin 336, 444, & 1895 Owner's Manual

September Release?

Something to Look Forward to!

While none of this has been confirmed by Marlin or Ruger officials it's considered to be a logical path forward for one of the most famous lever action producers looking back in history.

I'm also assuming that the timeline mentioned above makes sense and is doable even with supply chain issues throughout the manufacturing industry. Steel, stainless in this case is a commodity that is hard to obtain this year, however, we understand that this particular commodity is something that Marlin focused on. They did indicate in a public announcement earlier this year that they were focused on the 2nd half of 2021 for releases. So a September time line looks realistic.

Steinel Ammo 30-30 Winchester Ammo

Some beautiful 30-30 loads by Steinel Ammo

Our "industry insider" also mentioned that multiple knowledgable North Haven employees (pre Remington employees of Marlin) have been picked up by the Mayodan plant. This is another indicator of a successful launch which Remington failed at when they closed North Haven and moved all production to their Ilion, New York facility.

Marlin 336 Schematic

Marlin 336 Schematic

While nobody outside of Marlin really know the facts about their product launch, many of us loyal Marlin fans will continue to sit around drinking coffee and dreaming of a better day when one can handle & buy new Marlin rifles again. This "pause" in production has me highly focused on just why I have come to appreciate a great Marlin lever gun. Things we took for granted previously were the availability of models we could afford to buy and use in our daily outdoor life. That quickly eroded when Remington sold off their assets - enter Ruger Firearms.

I've been catiously optimistic about Ruger picking up the Marlin line knowing that they bought product & machinery however very little skilled labor or engineering support. Hearing that they have retained technical knowledge from North Haven has me feeling much better about this transition. Hold on tight and start saving for a new rifle purchase coming to a store near you later this fall!

Steinel Ammo Ruger Firearms Marlin Firearms Remington Arms

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Evan says:
June 30, 2021 at 10:06 pm

It was a lucky occasion of serendipity that I browsed into a Dicks in VA last year to find a new Marlin 1895 on the rack. Not only in August of 2020 of all times but at a store exiting the gun business. One had been on my mind for some time but I figured I'd hold out for another time. In that case impulse proved a gift of fate as Marlin was sold soon thereafter. My luck was rewarded by an excellent handling and shooting firearm that is also a kick and a blast to shoot. With luck Ruger will keep the Marlin name true to its history and quality arms in our homes. I hope the stainless 30-30 will be a harbinger of more classics.


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