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Some Thoughts from my last Hunt of 2018:

As I walked into the woods in the dark my path was lite with my headlamp. My breath, like low hanging fog in the 32 degree weather blocking my view causing miss-steps on the wet, uneven ground. I was trying my best to step over sticks & branches as to not alert the deer to my presence. I didn’t flag the path to my sit so I was trying to remember fallen branches and bushes that might remind me of just where I sat two days prior.

As darkness turned to light I didn’t recognize the view however I was thankful to just be sitting in the grand forest.

The scents of darkness are incredibly pungent when you rely heavily on smells during the predawn hours. Where you can smell the moss growing on the North sides of the trees, mushrooms & toadstools beginning to rot & the smell of fallen leaves damp with dew or fresh rain.

Listening in the dark is different than daylight hours. During the day you’re other senses work with hearing to validate what you think you heard. Visually verify if what you heard was a deer, rather it was a squirrel or something else. During the darkness sounds titillate, even frighten the mind just trying to imagine what “that” was. When you hunt areas where bear live it keeps you on your toes.

Watching a woodland rise & shine from the darkness to shadows of unknown to finally recognizable details is almost indescribable. This time of transition from night into day leads immediately into the “magic hour” of the hunt where all senses are now fully awake and on high alert.

It was cold & wet out with a wintery mix of snow, sleet & rain and of course I didn’t pack my poncho so my pants and long johns soaked up the watery mix quickly. I remained focused on just why I was there with teeth chattering & fingers going numb. It was just 32 degrees unlike much colder hunts that I’ve endured but miserable none the less.

I talked about the “magic hour” just after sunrise and on many hunts that hour or so is just that, magic. This weekend was different in that I didn’t see any bucks & only one doe. It was buck only of course as luck would have it but I wouldn’t trade that sit for almost anything in life. I hope you enjoyed deer season as much as I have.

Till next season……

Scott Crawford
aka: 1895Gunner

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